Curatorial practice

20.09.2014 Aline Bouvy inauguration

While a first part of the festivities surrounding the 150th anniversary of the anthem was held June 5, 2014, with the participation of hundreds of students, Ettelbruck city Ardennes gathered again on Saturday, September 20. This time, a monument was unveiled: the Heemechtshand (hand of the motherland), a bronze hand of 3.30 meters high covered with 550 mouths singing - impressions of the mouths of people of Ettelbruck. The work of the artist Aline Bouvy was installed in the center of the Marie-Thérèse square, redesigned for the occasion by Polaris Architects, in the presence of the Grand Duke Henri, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and several local personalities. An academic session was held in the aftermath, followed by a festival (after