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19.08.2016 - Wall Street Journal

A Quirky Hillside Home in Luxembourg

Published in "The Wall Street Journal" - By Ruth Bloomfield

"To the north of Luxembourg City, an origami of a house clings to the steeply sloping terrain. Step inside and it is clear this is a home with an utter disregard for symmetry, straight walls or conventional geometry.
“So many houses just look the same. We did not want to build a house which looked like a shoebox,” says Eliana d’Alimonte, a 40-year-old high-school teacher, of her home in the small European country of Luxembourg.
Mrs. d’Alimonte and her husband, Valerio, 45, spent 18 years saving up to build a modern home. They bought a small apartment in Luxembourg City in 1998 and patiently worked their way up the property ladder from there, renovating homes and even building two apartments [...]

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