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01.12.2013 Our House

Our House

Inspired by nature, children and art, two families have each aspired to create contemporary homes that suit their lifestyles. One is a newly constructed town house and the other a major refurbishment project of an existing countryside building, but they share many aesthetic values – both radical and comfortable.

Polaris Architects have returned to create the visual chronicle of the relationship between these families, their homes and the wider environment. An inspiring collection of photography by Eric Chenal offers a vibrant reflection on the art of inhabiting contemporary architecture, leading to a book and an exhibition, both coordinated by Carole Schmit and François Thiry.

Our House
Contemporary residential architecture in Luxembourg

Polaris Architects

Éric Chenal

Fabrizio Gallanti
Christoph Grafe
Bart Lootsma

Carole Schmit & François Thiry

Art direction
Arnaud Hanon

Maison Moderne, Luxembourg

Hayez, Bruxelles

First edition December 2013

ISBN 978-99959-33-09-8

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